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  2. Hi Miranda. I, of course, heard about Steve’s course when he was Contributor of the Week on BizSugar but don’t have any experience with it myself. I’m wondering if any of your community or anyone on the BizSugar community has a bit more experience with it.

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  14. selamat datang di dunia maya. itulah yang sering saya katakan kepada rekan2 yang menganggap bahwa keberadaan kita di dunia maya sama dengan keberadaan kita di dunia nyata.

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  22. >Don't middle class Japanese families of 3 or 4 tend to squeeze into 600 sf<Denso employees serving a term in America have regular-sized American houses. And their children approximate the girth of white American children.

  23. I loooove anything by Mo Willems. The Knuffle Bunny (pronounced Kuh-nuffle) series, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, the Elephant and Piggie series, Cat the Cat, and so many more!Also, anything by Melanie Watt is fantastic. She writes the Chester series and the Scaredy Squirrel series.

  24. Brother Stuart,What changes has Bart made, compared to the description that is often preached and practiced? Is there any one thing that stands out?Blessings,Chris

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  35. Drilling does not pollute, and will create thousands upon thousands of jobs for America, help the economy immensely and lower gas prices, how is that bad. And we hate how libs cry about all this eco crap when the stuff they are pushing to be environmentally friends (twirley light bulbs and hybrids) are actually worse for then environment. Especially hybrids, those are awful

  36. Spot on, Judy. First couple of SBLs I was in complete agony after wearing my nicest new formal shoes. I then went over to the two pairs scenario, carrying one with me and changing, and now I just wear the comfortable ones the whole time.

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  58. Yes, the parenthetical was critical. I apparently entered the wrong answer (b negative) because, though I remembered the parenthetical, I never bothered to look at it a second time before entering and misremembered it as saying “this is positive” because that was how I intuited it. I.e. the clue including the letter B was “positive for B”. No sour grapes, it was my own hasty entry that led me astray. I’m happy enough having fully grokked this meta, which was indeed difficult.

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